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Temporary crowns pain etc!!?

I finally saved some money and got much needed dental work done. The total plan was done at a very large dentistry network with ortho, dentist, cosmetics, full mouth reconstructions etc are done, so I felt I was in great hands.

After the first appt., free evaluation, and about 30 X-rays later I was shown the game plan. I may be saying this wrong, but I had 4 extractions in the past, so 4 crowns with bridges were needed, 2 root canals, ZOOM II whitening, full cleaning, then Invisalign braces. Total bill 16k. I didn't save that much, but the dentist insisted to save the teeth around the extractions a bridge was necessary. Let me add I have NO MOUTH PAIN WHATSOEVER!! I'll fast forward to now on one side lower 1 root canal and temp crown/bridge. Same side upper he grinded a filled tooth down and put crown/bridge. This was 4 days ago!! I can't eat at all on that side, if I push on the upper or lower temp. crown/bridges it hurts this can't be normal can it? I'm starting to regret this 16K

Temporary crowns pain etc!!?
The grinding down has caused a misalignment in your bite which will be corrected when the crown is placed. In the meantime, some tylenol or ibuprofen would be appropriate. Since this is being done in stages, you can stop at any time, allow your mouth to heal, save some more money and then proceed with the rest of your plan.
Reply:This pain is in normal range if it was only 4 days ago, your gums and teeth had major surgery and needs time to heal and the temp does not help it at all but it will get better and once you have you crowns and bridge on, this will be a distant memory.
Reply:First let me emphasize that this process isn't going to be pleasant. Sure you are paying a lot of money to get a service, but such service comes with the understanding that mild pain and discomfort will be part of the process of replacing lost teeth. Temporary crowns and bridges are temporary for a reason. The dentist and his assistants do their best to make a custom temporaries in a relatively short period of time. These temporaries are inherently porous and do not insulate the underlying tooth as well as the final product. The dental lab ceramists have many, many hours to fabricate ideal contours and margins with the help of computers and various devices. Once the final product is cemented, discomfort and pain should be a thing fo the past. With that said, the number one problem with dental temporaries is the bite not being just right. Even a slight high spot, especially on a multi-unit bridge, will be noticably painful and sensitive to cold. Also, as I mentioned, temporaries are prone to shrinkage and flexure with oral temperature. Cold fluids and foods will shock these areas and you should chew on the opposite side or avoid these foods until the final crowns and bridges are placed.

Take ibuprofen for mild pain, but see your dentist to make sure that the bite is correct. If your temporaries fail long before the final products are fabricated, the dentist will have a hell of a time making adjustments on the day of cementation.

Good luck.
Reply:A small differnce in the correct fit can cause inflammation and swelling. This will subside once the problem is fixed.
Reply:1. Any crown or bridge preparation damages teeth, just as does any filling. Thankfully teeth are fairly resilient and can recover from the insult in most cases after a couple of days.

Whereas most cavities go into the depth of the tooth and therefore the deeper the more likely you will have post-op pain, with crown preps it is usually shallower but over a much wider area, so same post-op pain can occur. There is a 5-10% chance of irreversible nerve damage which leads to a Root Canal Therapy - this should've been explained to you for your informed consent.

2. Depending upon the angulation of the teeth supporting the bridge, sometimes the preparation can be deeper than usual. The final preparation on the supporting teeth (abutments) must ideally be parallel to each other. If the teeth are tilted, then the preparation might go deeper than usual, and therefore more post-op pain is likely. For some tilted teeth, where parallelism would cause too much deepening, then the bridge should be made in 2 separate parts with a semi-fixed connector (male/female) slots.

3. The temporary crowns are cemented on with a temporary and soft cement. Usually this is a zinc oxide/eugenol cement that has some painkilling properties. However, it does start to leak after a few days, and it is important to get the real bridges back ASAP.

So, either you are having standard post-op pain which you should control with ibuprofen; or the prep was deeper than normal; or they didn't use a eugenol temp cement; or the temp cement is leaking. Ring the dentist.

Which is more gory and disgusting?

which is more disgusting a dentist or an orthodontistcause i really wanna have a disgusting job and i fink dentistry would be good.

also is a cosmetic surgeon disgusting or gory

can you tell me what parts if each job are gory and disgusting


Which is more gory and disgusting?
I don't want you to be my dentist or surgeon
Reply:check out nip/tuck ......... very disgusting
Reply:I don't see dentistry as gory unless the tooth is in abscess and infected then it could be a bit disgusting but its not that often. Orthodontist has a pretty easy job just tightening the wires..

I have seen cosmetic surgery before with the container of fat in the surgery room that IS pretty disgusting opt for that lots of blood ;-)
Reply:I'd go for proctologist if I were you.
Reply:there may be blood but I dont think they are gory/disgusting jobs. Maybe a cosmetic surgeon is gory. Be a mortician that's gross.
Reply:If you really want a gory job, how about being a Coroner. Or you could be on the team that cleans up after a crime scene----that could be really disgusting.
Reply:as a dentist i get to see quite a bit of pus and blood. also, periodontal disease has an especially putrid odor. it's a pretty gross job sometimes.

if you want really gross you should be a coroner.
Reply:be a plastic surgeon! you sound pretty vain, make big bucks and be totally grossed out everyday you go to work!
Reply:I think cutting people up would be pretty disgusting - so yes for the cosmetic surgeon.

A dentist wouldn't usually be terrible, but you would have to drill a lot of teeth, probably. That might be gross.

As far as I know (which admittedly isn't much), orthodontists basically just do external type stuff like fit your teeth for braces. So maybe that would be less disgusting.

But if you're even thinking about this at all, the medical profession in general just might not be for you. You should consider other options for your future career.
Reply:The job I used to work was pretty gory and sometimes very disgusting. I'm an OB/Gyn CNP, so I delivered babies and did pap smears and vag exams all day. Birth can be really gory, and it's always messy. You see some pretty gross things come in the door, like certain STD's, infections, smells, you name it. Pretty gross sometimes. Also, where else can you see someone poop on a table and not be offended by it ;) ?

As far as your options, cosmetic surgeon is the most bloody. They get all the bad cases, but then so do periodontists get pretty good stuff too. Prosthodontists deal with fake teeth and do a lot on implantations, so that's another choice. Anyways, look into some and see what you really want to do. I do have to warn you, it's pretty tough to get into most dentistry schools, your grades have to be almost perfect, and the tests are pretty hard. But it's a good profession all in all.

If you just want to go for gory, and don't care if it deals with the mouth, check into being a surgeon, or a plastic surgeon. Both deal with the insides of people, how much more gory can you get? And let me tell you, there are some gross things when you deal with infections, or ruptures or anything of that sort.

Good luck to you!!! I hope you find what you want to do in life! It's a tough choice!
Reply:Why do you want a gory job? That is just weird.

How do you get jewelry to stay in teeth?

Im doing info on cosmetic stuff for class in dentistry. The class would like to also know how it stays put. Is it removable? Whats that stuff cost?

How do you get jewelry to stay in teeth?
its crazy they drill holds in your teeth and cement the jewelry in don't make much sense
Reply:you don't. I don't think it's possible to put jewelry in your teeth. It wouldnt be very healthy.

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Becoming a dentist?

I want to ask is it hard to become dentist? I am considering going to Boston University School of Dental medicine. So I want to ask what classes should I expect and if it is hard. I like medicine somewhat and also I think I can make a good money with it. My plan is to finish that school get a job somewhere as being a dentist have it for about a year or two, and then move privately and open and have a two or more dentist places. I think I would pratice cosmetic and family dentistry. Anyway this isnt for sure as I am just thinking about. At first I want to study business, but now I don't know.

Becoming a dentist?
Well, if you study and know everything you need to know about being a dentist, it's not that hard..

Medicine is harder.. Trust me.

Becoming a dentist:

What do you want to be?

What do you feel comfortable with? Dental? Medicine? Business?
Reply:If your interest is in Biology, Chemistry, Math and Business and have good hands and good eye sight and can do tedious work in small places looking in a mirror working upside down and backwards, a calming voice, nerves of a brain surgeon and strength of a blacksmith. Top 10% of your HS, ready for 8 yrs of College, go for it!
Reply:I'd call some dentists up in your area and go interview them. Tell them the same sort of thing that you've written here.

Heck, you migh tend up with a job :)

Don't you think Gok Wan is lovely?

He's such a genuine gently guy and I love that he doesn't tell them they need cosmetic surgery and dentistry to be beautiful!

Don't you think Gok Wan is lovely?
He's really grown on me since I started watching that programme - he does seem genuine and really kind. He's just boosting their confidence and giving them the ability to look good without having to do anything drastic.
Reply:Hi, i bet you are

How to look good Naked!!

Anyway he has got the biggest nose on the universe and he is soooooooooooo gay lol, but his personality is nice but the looks tell it all.
Reply:i've seen that show....

did you know that Dr. Gillian Mckeath* had to remove the Dr. from her name because she actually isn't a doctor....

i never liked her....

*the poo lady

He's so much nicer than any of the other "re-start your life" shows.

After every programme, I feel inspired!

haha, he kicks Trinny and Susanna's ****
Reply:you need medication.
Reply:who never heard of him

The cost of straightening your teeth with clear invisible braces from Invisalign????

I am hoping to get it done from Pakistan supposing there is even anInvisalign Certified Orthodontist there. Though, I'm presuming that there must be as the investor was in fact Pakistani and cosmetic surgery and dentistry is becoming rather common in Pakistan.

It should most probably be cheaper in Pakistan too, but how much????


The cost of straightening your teeth with clear invisible braces from Invisalign????
i've heard it's twice as expensive as regular braces so probably between 5,000-10,000 USD
Reply:Invisilign doesn't work. Don't do it unless you want teef.
Reply:well, the cost of braces here in WI where I live, is about $5350, so i'd consider the costs of both before trying anything out.
Reply:Not sure you can get them in Pakistan yet, but if you

are in the USA, look on the WiDentist network,

they will save you 25% min.

Is your dentist is salesman just like mine?

Most people hate going to the dentst. However, most of us want to get our teeth cleaned twice a year and x-rays taken once a year to make sure we have no cavities under the fillings and gums. Although I like my dentist and he does a great job, I am so sick of him telling me I should have this old filling replaced and a crown put here and there, and that he can do bonding %26amp; veneers, porcelain reconstructive dentistry, cosmetic smile makeovers, etc., etc. It just turns me right off to listen to him every time I go for a cleaning (he does the cleanings himself). I've changed dentists before because I got sick of them trying to sell me something I didn't want (like having a false tooth made for a back tooth). I've gotten to the point where I only get my teeth cleaned once a year now so I won't have to listen to the sales pitch. It not only wastes my time but it wastes his also. Who out there agrees with me on this subject?

Is your dentist is salesman just like mine?
I know they are just trying to make money off you. Don't fall into those scams!
Reply:mine tried that too but I told him I wouldnt try to sell him things from my kids school fundraiser if he would quit trying to pump up the bill for me. I told him I was basically cheap and he was wasting my time. We now laugh about it.
Reply:You know- I agree with you! I went to the dentist the other day and every time I go they try to talk me into whitening! I'm like "no it's not covered by my insurance so I'll pass." How annoying! And they said that in one of my teeth there is a cavity starting, but it's not big enough to be called a cavity, (from what I understand) so they want to drill it and put a preventative sealant over it. So if they're gonna numb me up and drill anyway, I'm just gonna wait till it's a cavity and let my insurance cover it! DUH! All they want is money!
Reply:Oh man, I am so sick of that. I had two cavities grow worse because I they would NEVER give me proper x-rays and cleaning because one of my teeth needed another crown.

I had a root canal four years ago and the new dentist tried to tell me that the Beverly Hills doc I went to for the RC messed things up. So, of cause, they would have to go in and fix it. I didn't believe that for a second, but they refused to do a cleaning.
Reply:It sounds like you don't trust your dentistS. If you are bothering to have your teeth cleaned 2x a year and not get the small things fixed why are you wasting your time? Dentists HAVE to offer treatment plans FOR YOUR HEALTH it is not about lining their pockets and if you feel that is all he is up to, than by all means find another dentist that is just interested in maintaining your current restorations, but a little advice, fillings don't last forever and neither will your teeth. If you tell your dentist up front I am only interested in the cheapest way to restore my teeth, nothing more, I guarantee he will stop talking to you about crowns, bridges, root canals, veneers, implants,or any other high-end treatment plans.

We are in this business to improve people's health, if they wish to leave it as status quo than you have to tell them. They will still talk to you about restorations that are crumbling, but they will understand where you are coming from.
Reply:I just answered someone else on this, I have thought about this for years. all doctors are salesmen, they sell you as much doom and gloom as they can. they get you to try drugs and take x rays and come back for more test. I see my doctor once yr for pap and go to the dentist once a yr for cleaning. I'm going though something right now with the dentist, a back tooth I've ask him to just pull, he wants to put in an implant that cost $3000, so I went to someone else.

it is endless and more people need to realize it. and stay off the prescription meds if you can.
Reply:pick a different dentist.

I've been to a diff dentist every time I've been, the last 4 times. This one (I saw today actually) is OK.

I asked about sealants and he told me the 3 best teeth for them to go on, not "have them all done while you're at it" etc.
Reply:My sister's dentist does the same thing. I think he just wants more money and these extra things aren't necessary.
Reply:No one LIKES to hear they need any treatment done, but I trust my dentist and want to keep my teeth for as long as possible. Those of you who believe your dentist is just a salesman........I feel sad for you. You obviously don't have the relationship with your dentist that I have with mine. My children and I have gone to my dentist all their lives and I can't think of anyone I trust more to tell me what I need "dental-wise".

My life, my body , my children are an investment and they are all worth taking care of.

What if your regular doctor told you needed a kidney transplant or that you have cancer, are these doctors viewed as salesmen too??? Maybe it is time for you to really evaluate what you are upset over. Is it the fact that you need treatment or is it that you don't want to know, or don't want to invest the time and money. Denial can be a killer in many ways. :o(
Reply:I've had this happen a few times, and I walk away every time. I don't want to stay with someone I don't trust. I once declined on the recommendations, and they had a telemarketer call me at home about a month later! They wanted to replace crowns, fillings, etc that were not very old. It didn't seem necessary.

This was in one of those chain dental offices. I only went because it was conveniently located downtown right near where I worked. I got the feeling they had a bunch of very young recent dental grads, and probably pressured them to meet quotas. That's how it felt.

I had a great dentist for many years that did only what was necessary, and would recommend things ocassionally. He checked with my insurance first and would quote all my options to the penny and get my approval before doing it. He was awesome, but I move out of the state.

I had one dentist that did a bunch of things he did not initially quote while "I was under anyway", and tacked it onto my bill!

Last year I went to have a cleaning and x-rays (specifically). Again, this was one of those awful chains, and I went because of the convenient location. They did not do the cleaning when I went in. They looked at my teeth, did not even check for cavities, or check my gums, or look for basic dental problems, and instead immediately tried to sell me on veneers, and gave me a quote on those (for ALL my front top teeth?!). They told me I'd have to reschedule for the cleaning, etc. Out of curiosity, I asked for before and after pics of veneers they'd done and they gave me a notebook full of before and after pics cut out of a magazine of Hollywood celebrities who have had them. Jennifer Aniston obviously did not have hers done there! What is going on?

I went to a different dentist (private practice) afterwards and now much happier.

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